American Idiot is Another Rocking Triumph for Trustus

 The current offering at Trustus is the musical production of Green Day’s American Idiot.   I hadn’t heard any of the group’s musical output in many tears. Not since my now  forty-year-old son was a teen and played their albums.  But, this did not hinder my enjoyment of this musical.

I had  a vague notion of what I would experience. The Trustus professionals consistently present  first-class and professional work. I have seldom been disappointed over the years that I have attended its productions. They make it easy to approach something new. This is because of the  expectation of quality and hard work by the entire company.

American Idiot is again no exception. The set design incorporates random TV screens hanging around the stage showing news vignettes. The stage is  littered with pieces made to resemble broken pavement, catwalks.  This design may be suggestive of a general aspect of destruction. Perhaps representing  the crumbling of the American Dream. It is a great job of set design and management by Maddie Covert, Baxter Engle, and Rosalind Graverson.

 Against this backdrop of political and social chaos the characters complete their journeys.  from immaturity to self-discovery. Their development from teens to adults puts them through drug addiction, broken dreams, and lost love. These are are the  crises that forge these adults from their untempered childhoods. The whole affair is well directed by Chad Henderson. The music director, Chris Cockrell, delivers a spot on rendition of a rocking score that drives relentlessly, filling the audience with energy.


The principal actors and dancers all deliver energetic and passionate performances. Engaging us as their stories move smoothly from side stage to center stage.     Special kudos to Garett Bright and Michael Hazin for their spectacular and electrifying performances. They anchor this modern story .

If you have not seen this production, make the time and effort this July. It will brighten and energize your summer. Allow Trustus to immerse you in the world of American Idiot.



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2nd career nurse at veterans hospital ER. first career was hazardous materials. Seeking to hone skills as writer; Reformed Presbyterian; political view mid to left; proud grandfather; avid reader and music lover (see Tombstone lol); New York Yankees 4 Life; baseball explains the universe, maybe; possible curmudgeon and excellent team member.

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